USB Medical Silent Mesh Nebulizer Handheld Asthma Inhaler Atomizer for Kids Adult Health Care Mini Portable Humidifier




Price: 6.40

Package Includes:

1 * Atomiser
2 * Mask
1 * Bite mouth
1 * Instruction manual
1 * Type-C charging cable
1 * Paper storage box


1. Protecting against leaks: When filling the medicine cup with medicine, ensure that you do not exceed the maximum mark (8ml),. The recommended filling amount is between 2ml and 8ml. During use, tilt the device up to a maximum angle of 45° in any direction without impaining its nebulizing function or the success of the treatment. However, please try to hold the device as upright as much as possible.

2. Automatic switch-off: The device has an automatic switch-off function. To prevent damage to the mesh, the device switches off automatically when the medicine liquid has been almost entirely used up. Do not use the device if the medicine cup or water tank is empty. The device switches off automatically if the substance to be sprayed is no longer in contact with the mesh. The device switches off automatically when use purified water.

3. Caution: Do not wash or immerse the unit in water. Do not place or carry the device when there is liquid medicine in the medicine cup.

4. Portability: This product is small in size and light in weight, which is very convenient to carry around.

5. Beautiful: This product is made with functional exquisite craftsmanship, and appearance is very stylish and beautiful.


This portable mesh nebulizer is suitable for breathing problems, and the cold mist humidifier kit is suitable for travel or daily use at home.


Power Type: Battery(battery not included)

Weight: 190g

* When installing the battery, please pay attention to the positive and negative terminals of the battery!

"+" Positive electrode
"-" Negative electrode

Handheld Micromesh Nebuliser

– Small atomising particles
– Low residual liquid
– Adjustable fog volume
– Efficient and silent

Available for:

Sore throat/ Cold and cough/ Asthma


1. Practical home nebuliser
Nebulising at home saves time and is exclusive to avoid cross infection.

2.Fine atomised particles
The average atomised particles are ≤5 microns, which can cover the respiratory tract, airways, alveoli, etc. and enable the body to better absorb the medication.

3. Three-speed adjustment
You can adjust the size of nebulisation volume as you like.

4. Low noise and peace of mind
Low noise, enjoy a comfortable and quiet nebulisation treatment.

5. Compact and rounded
Light weight, small size, easy to carry anytime nebulisation.