Spreadable Mud Mask Stick Hydrating Moisturizing Oil Control Exfoliating Deep Cleaning Pore Shrinking Green Tea Solid Mask

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Price: 10.98 - 2.46

• Hydrating Moisturizing :This Spreadable Mud Mask Stick provides intense hydration and moisturizing, leaving your skin supple and healthy.

• Oil Control :Designed to control oil, it helps in maintaining a balanced and non-greasy skin texture.

• Exfoliating Deep Cleaning :The mask is formulated for deep cleaning, exfoliating your skin and removing dead cells for a fresh and radiant complexion.

• Pore Shrinking :With its pore-shrinking properties, it tightens pores, reducing their appearance and promoting skin smoothness.

• Green Tea Solid Mask :Infused with green tea, this solid mask offers antioxidant benefits, protecting your skin from free radicals and oxidative damage.

• Easy Application :The stick format allows for easy application, ensuring a uniform coverage without wastage.


1.Nourish and repair skin.Hold all kinds of conditions.

2.The texture is mild and easy to absorb.

3.Adjust water oil balance and replenish water.




Color: green, purple

Package included:

Solid Mask*1


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