Soundlink Waterproof Portable Earphone Case Mini Hearing Aids Storage Case IEM Box Travel Case

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Hard Earphone Case Holder Carrying Box for Hearing Aids CIEM In Ear Monitors Earphones

Protect Your Precious Hearing aids and Earphones!

Soundlink earphone hard case is the perfect way to keep your valuable in-ear monitors safe and secure when not in use. Keep our earphones in this carry case, which is engineered specifically to provide an ideal environment for high-end in-ears and hearing aids. Made in high quality material, features a high-impact polymer shell that's designed to provide maximum protection from shock and pressure. Inside, a dense foam liner and weather-resistant seal provide additional layers of protection for your in-ear monitors and hearing aids.

Soundlink Earphone Carry Case Features:

1. The perfect way to keep your high-end in-ear
monitors and hearing aids safe when not in use

2. Designed specifically to safeguard sensitive hearing instruments

3. High-impact polymer shell shrugs off bumps and shock

4. Dense internal foam cushions your earphones
Weather-resistant seals keep out moisture and mild rain

Packing included

1 X Hearing instruments hard case