Resin Figure Diy Enjoying Girl 1/24 Scale Assemble Miniatures Model Kit Unassembled Figurine and Unpainted Diorama Toys

Original price was: $17.48.Current price is: $7.69.



Price: 17.48 - 7.69

Kindly Reminder:

1, we are loyal fans of mould making.

2, as lovers, we program the procedures, product the model.

3. The model is made of resin material. After the completion of the model, there may be some extra parts around the model

and some small burrs. But it doesn't matter. We can clean them by ourselves.

4. A brand new, not a colored.

5. Some models (bent) need to be heated with hot water, soften it, and then adjust the model properly.You can put it in water for a few minutes at 65 degrees Celsius

6. The model material must choose sandpaper No. 2000 or above,

so that can protect the effective model

8. Color the model will be a difficult task, I believe it will spend a lot of time carefully painting for make a good model

of finished products.

9. I hope you will like our products and expect you to complete your model. We also want to see your Excellent results.

Looking forward to your email reply.