Professional Salinity Hydrometer Accurate Water Salimeter for Precise Aquarium Fish Tank Monitoring and Maintenance




Price: 4.41


This product is a Hydrometer, which is made of glass material, with good texture, sturdy and practical. Easy to install and use, it can be easily applied to your motorcycle, a very practical accessory that will meet your needs well.


-The precision of this Water Salimeter ensures accurate readings every time.
-The easy-to-read scale on this Salt Water Gravimeter makes it simple to monitor water quality.
-The compact and portable of this Aquarium Salinometer makes it easy to use in any location.
-The perfect Aquarium Areometer for aquaculturists looking to maintain salt level.
-Sturdy grade construction, durability, non-deformation, impact resistance and aging resistance for long-lasting reliability.

1 x meter