Phonak Replacement xReceiver for Phonak Audeo B RIC Hearing Aids,Standard (xS) and Power (xP) Receivers for Audeo Products

Original price was: $257.72.Current price is: $73.24.



Price: 257.72 - 73.24

Available in multiple lengths and power levels. Please consult your hearing care professional before ordering to determine the correct size and power level for you.

One receiver per order.

Before purchase, please ensure you are able to remove and replace your receiver tubing yourself. If not, seek help from your hearing care professional. Hearing Planet cannot be held responsible for any damage to hearing aids during the replacement process.

Please note for hygiene reasons this product cannot be returned.

These are the receivers used on the Phonak Audéo Marvel (M) models of hearing aids.

S – Standard receivers are the least powerful. Used for mild to moderate hearing losses. They are available in sizes 0, 1, 2 & 3.

P – Power receivers are the most powerful. Used for moderately severe to severe hearing losses. They are available in sizes 0, 1, 2 & 3.

The default delivery is the receiver of size 2. If you need other (0/1/3) size receivers, please make remarks or contact customer service for change

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important that you do not change the power level of the receiver without a visit to your hearing health care specialist for programming changes. If done, it will change the volume levels and frequency response of the hearing aids. This will result in a reduction in sound quality and the potential to cause further damage to your hearing.