Emergency Blanket Outdoor Survive First Aid Military Rescue Kit Windproof Waterproof Foil Thermal Blanket for Camping Hiking Hot

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  • This compact and light-weight emergency thermal mylar blankets are designed to retain up to 90% of body heat to prevent hypothermia and shock in extreme weather conditions.

  • Perfect for hiking, running, camping, outdoors, survival, first aid. Can be used as rain poncho, backpack cover, emergency tent, signal tool, sleeping bag liners ,etc.

  • A must have for your first aid kit, bug out bag, EDC kit, backpack, camping gears, go-bag, car, home and office.

  • Thermal mylar blankets are windproof and waterproof. Users can quickly apply it by covering it to your body to retain the body heat when it’s cold and reduce heat when it’s hot.

Prepare for the Unexpected

We will never know what bad thing is going to happen, but we can be prepared when the unexpected incidents comes. With our Everlit space blanket, we can protect ourselves with extreme weather. It retains up to 90% of the body heat and prevent hyperthermia.

Must-Have First Aid Supplies

Each blanket weights only 2 Oz, and it is about credit card size when folded. Easy to store it in first aid kit, bug out bag, EDC bag, survival kit, backpack, purse, and even your pocket. Make it handy whenever you need it.

Camping & Travel Essential

With weird weather rapid change in the recent years, these blankets could be life saving medical supplies. It is perfect for camping, traveling, hiking, marathon, and other outdoor activities. The blanket can be also used as rain poncho, sleeping bag, temporary shelter, and etc.