Electric Ultrasonic Dental Scaler for Remover Teeth Plaque Scaler Tartar Eliminator USB Type-C Charging Household Appliances

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You may have these questions?

01 Q No vibration, little vibration?
A:This product is ultrasonic technology,which cannot be heard by the human ear, can only
hear the sound of friction when in contact with hard objects.
02 Q Does it hurt?
A:lt won't hurt. It won't work until the head touch the teeth, glass and other hard
objects.It won't work at all when touching the gingiva and other soft tissues, and it won't feel painful.
03 QHow many times can I use it after a full charge?
A:After the battery is fully charged, it is about 25-40 times to use, depending on each person's usage
04 Q How to see if the battery is full?
A:When fully charged, the battery sign will be on and no longer flash.
05 Q Can l use it while charging?
A:Not recommended for use on low battery conditions.(It is recommended to fully charge the battery before first use).
06 Q Trouble to use, bad to use no response?
A:1.Please tighten the working head with spanner first;
2. Then, turn on the machine and contact a hard object to check the ultrasonic working sound;
3. If the dental calculus is stubborn or large, it is recommended to clean it at the strong mode.

                 1.Soft:      For senstive gums      
                 2.Normal:  For regular cleaning      
                 3.Middle:    For early dental caculus
                 4.Strong:    For massive plaque
                 5.Fierce:    For stubbom calculus and stains