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Net content: 10g
Efficacy: Moisturize and brighten, refine pores, and improve fine lines

Dragon Blood Cream: The Dragon's Blood Cream Moisturizing your skin, Gives skin comfort and enjoyment, rejuvenating and rejuvenating.
Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing: Effectively lighten facial fine lines, anti wrinkle moisturize and lock in water, keep skin hydrated.
Even Skin Tone: Evenly Brightens Skin Tone, Gently Nourishes Skin, Makes Skin Naturally Transparent, And Restores Youthful Appearance.
Deep Moisturizing: Deeply moisturizes and moisturizes, relieves dry and dehydrated skin, and keeps skin smooth and soft.
Natural Ingredients: This dragon's blood ointment is made of a variety of plant ingredients, natural and non-irritating, suitable for all kinds of people.

Before using the Dragon Blood Cream, it must be fully hydrated (use toner, essence, lotion as a base) to help the skin absorb nutrients better. After use, it can make the skin white and translucent from the inside out.

Take a bean-sized amount of the dragon's blood cream and apply it to the entire face with stars, a small amount and several times, apply it little by little, and then gently "pat" it evenly until it is absorbed. Be careful not to apply it directly.

Gently pat and beat evenly on the face until absorbed, keep using it for a month, and the skin will be delicate and brighter from the inside out.

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Package Included:
1*10g Dragon Blood Paste

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