Children’s Daily Use Wound Bandages Convenient Lovely Strip Adhesive Cartoon




Price: 4.32


This set of item is Wound Patch, they are designed for various first aid and wound care needs. Our first aids bandages provide cushioned protection and owns extra durable and have superior adhesion. Covered wounds heal faster than if left uncovered.


-Color:As Shown
-Breath, sweating microporous printed film porous design excretion of water vapor sweat.
-Strong viscosity, , good adhesion, strong and difficult to fall off.
The middle part of the is attached to the wound, and then the two sides are wrapped separately, very easy to use.
It covers cuts, scrapes and cuts to keep you clean, and its bright colors will be a big hit with toddlers.
-The box is convenient to carry the box and take it for easy to carry independent small packages containing about different kinds of colors.

40 x Strips