Children Posture Corrector Kid Neck Head Correction Brace Cervical Fixation Support Protector Pad Pain Relief Support

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1.The fixation brace effectively limits the rotation of the head and ensures the fixation of the cervical .
2.The special material fits the human body curve to guarantee the fixed effect.
3.The brace can be adjusted according to different jaw shapes, thorax, etc.
4.Suitable for during rehabilitation of cervical spine injury, external fixation for conservative treatment of cervical spine injuries, etc.
5.The height of the pillow can be fine-tuned along the oblique 15 degrees trajectory.
6.Detachable thickened breathable liner for comfortable wearing, and washable makes it easy to clean.
Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Cervical Fixation
Material: Plastic
Package List:
1 x Front Shell Brace
1 x Rear Shell Brace
1 x Screwdrivers