Bedroom Window Mosquito Nets Insect Fly Screen Curtain Indoor Anti Mosquito Fly Bug Mesh Mosquito Nets Insect Screen Repair Tape

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Product information

Material: Nylon
Color: White/Black
Package Included:
1 x Insect Net
1 x invisible tape

Cleaning the window frames.
Take the self-adhesive invisible tape (one side for the stickers, one
side for the invisible barbs surface) stickers side glued to the frames
Press the mosquito net at the surface of the invisible barbs (Done,it's very convenient!)
Do not rush the switch window after completing the above steps,
thinking that the glue is just pressing, you must wait 24 hours for the
glue to completely stick and then switch the window. In order to make
the use period longer, it is best to hold the velcro and open it with
one hand when opening the window, not too rude to switch the window.