Band-Aids Waterproof Breathable Cushion Adhesive Plaster Wound Hemostasis Sticker Band First Aid Bandage Medical Gauze

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Name: PE waterproof band-aid
Specification: 72*19mm
Material: PE waterproof

Scope of application: mainly used to stop bleeding in small wounds, joints, and special parts, and accelerate wound healing.
How to use: Open the outer packaging of the band-aid, tear open the independent sealed paper bag, pull the band-aid release paper to both sides, align the raised part of the band-aid with the cleaned wound, put the band-aid on the skin, and bond the band-aid The edges are pressed tightly, and the band-aid is firmly attached to the wound or affected area
1. This product is only for one-time use, it has hemostasis, creative use, comfortable, breathable, and flexible! This product is packaged in a disposable sterile single piece, which has the characteristics of strong water absorption, good air permeability, no sticking to the wound, significant hemostatic effect, prevention of infection, and promotion of wound healing.
2. Waterproof material
3. Microporous ventilation