Baby Bath Thermometer Baby Cute Cartoon Rocket IPX9 Waterproof Battery Operated Bath Temp Tester With Digital LED Display

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Bullet Points:
1.Cute and Waterproof: Our baby bath temperature meter provides accurate temperature readings to ensure your baby enjoys a safe and comfortable bath time. Its cute design, waterproof body, and vibrant colors add more love and fun to the bathing experience.
2.Parent’s Favorite: Our Baby Bath Temperature Meter is an ideal tool for parents to monitor the bath water temperature with unmatched accuracy. Featuring a visible at night HD color LED screen and advanced sensor technology, it provides a safe and enjoyable bathing experience for your baby.
3.3-Color Indicator: Ensure your baby’s safety during bath time with our Baby Bath Temperature Meter. Blue light indicates low water temperature (0-33C), green for suitable range (34-38C), and red warns of high temperature (39-99C). Stay alert with Temperature Reminder System.
4.Child-Safe Material: Built from durable and smooth ABS, our baby bath temperature meter ensures a secure and comfortable experience. No sharp edges or burrs that could potentially harm little hands.

5.Automatic Temperature Detection: This Baby Bath Temperature Meter is highly sensitive and immediately measures water temperature. Say goodbye to guesswork and easily monitor the bath temperature to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

This Water Temperature Meter for Babies is a must-have! With bright colors, it’s visible at night, durable & automatically measures temperature. Plus, it has a Temperature Reminder System! Keep your baby’s bath the perfect temperature every time.

Name: Bath Temperature Toy
Material: ABS
Product size: about 10x10cm/3.94×3.94 inches
Weight: 79g
Color: yellow, green
Power supply: button battery

Packing List:
1* Bath Temperature Toy

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