Automatic Inductive Soap Dispenser Sensor Household Infrared Soap Dispenser Smart Hand Washing Soap Dispenser

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Price: 31.53 - 8.50

• Automatic Dispensing :The soap dispenser automatically dispenses soap without the need for manual pumping, making it convenient and easy to use.

• Infrared Sensor :The infrared sensor detects when your hand is under the dispenser, ensuring that the soap is only dispensed when needed, saving soap and money.

• Smart Hand Washing :The dispenser is designed to encourage smart hand washing by providing the optimal amount of soap for effective cleaning without wasting soap.

• CE Certified :The dispenser is certified by CE, ensuring that it meets safety and quality standards.


This product does not contain liquid, which needs to be prepared by yourself. Due to slight color difference in shooting light and display color rendering, the manual measurement error is 1-2 cm. Thank you for your understanding!


Reasonable control of foaming volume rich foam in clean hands at the same time more easy to wash foam without residue.

Unable to use properly during charging, please fully charge before use.

Capacity: 400mL
Input: Type C
Power: 1.5w
Fashion: Sense
Sensing distance:<7cm
Power: Battery Rechargeable
Charging: 500-1000times after used
Size: 107*70*193.6mm

Indicator light up and I can hear the noise as it works, but no foam.
—-Here’s a way to fix it:
1. Get a squeezable bottle with a long beak like a clean condiment Squeeze Bottles, add some water into it.
2. Remove the filter at the end of tube
3. Connect the bottle beak to the tube
4. Squeeze water into the tube , at the same time move hand to the sensor area to get water out. You’d better have someone by your side that could help you to pump water out.