AILKE Skin Whitening Set With Double Glutathione, Lightening, Moisturizing, Remove Dark Spots, Darkness, Fast Cleaning Skin

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Natural Skin Lightener Dark Age Spot Corrector, Improves Complexion, 5-Piece Set

Contains Multiple Natural Ingredients, Double Glutathione, Plant Essential Oils, Bring You Visible Whitening Effect

Dark Spots Corrector, Whitening Face Cream, 100ml/ 3.5 fl oz

1.Remove dark spots, sun spots, age spots

2. Contain alpha arbutin 4%, enhancing skin moisturizing

Double Glutathione Super Skin Whitening Serum, 100ml/ 3.5 oz

Benefits :

1-Blocking melanin
2- Improves skin aging
3-Improves skin dullness

Double Glutathione Body Lotion, 500ml/ 17.6 FLoz

Benefits :

1-Naturally brighten
2-Even skin tone
3-Promote skin Metabolism

Horse Oil Cream, for Face & Body, 100ML/3.5 oz


1. Nourish skin, Prevent dry and chapped skin

2. Super moisturiser, smoothes fine lines, skin glowing

Papaya & Vitamin C Soap 150g/5.3 oz

Benefits :

1-Gentle cleaning, suitable for face and body

2-Brightens dark spots

3-Improves uneven skin tone

Double Glutathione PLUS Soap, 150g/5.29 oz


Whitening, Moisturizing, Cleansing

Use 5 In 1 Range To Achieve At Least Triple The Effect

Actual Feedback From Users

1 .I recommend it.The fragrance is very good and the cleaning ability is very strong. l like it very much. After using it,my skin is refreshing and smooth,not greasy , non iritation,good value for money ! !

2. Since using Ailke,my skin has become whitening and smooth.I like Ailke's products very much,They are gentle and moisturizing,suitable for my skin.I have been a fans of Ailke for many years!

Tested & Trusted

For over 30 years, AILKE has been tested by research team and proven to be safe and effective

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Papaya, kojic acid, collagen, niacinamide, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, sodium stearate, sodium laurate, sodium myristate, propylene glycol, glycerin, tea tree oil extract, coconut oil