60x Rayovac Peak Hearing Aid Batteries 675 A675 P675 PR44 Germany Zinc Air Cell Button Battery for Powerful BTE Hearing Aids

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Price: 51.88 - 41.50

Brand: Rayovac, Made in UK

Model: Size A675 for Hearing Aids

Packaging: 6 pieces card, 10 cards per package. Altogether 60 batteries

World\'s Longest Lasting Mercury Free Hearing Aid Battery

Recommended by 7 of 10 Hearing Health Professionals

Mercury Free formula with higher voltage for quick start-up

Superior cell design that resists swelling and leakage, providing optimal performance and greater consistenc

Perforated package allows the dial to be removed for convenient transport

Environmentally friendly package made with recycled or recyclable materials

Wholesale price applicable. Let us know if you need large quantity of batteries, we will set up discount price for you.