6 Rolls Elastic Bandage Self Adhesive 4.5m Sports Elastic Bandage Non Woven Breathable First Aid Tools for Injury Finger

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6 Rolls/Lot 4.5m Self Adhesive Elastic Bandage Wrap Tape Elastoplast Sports Knee Finger Wrist Ankle Support Emergency Muscle Tape First Aid Tools
Product material: non woven fabric
Product size 5cm * 4.5m/1.96*196.8in
Product weight 20g/piece

Bandage-dressing method:
(1) Circular bandaging method
It can be used for small or cylindrical parts of limbs, such as hands, feet, wrists and forehead, and at the beginning of various bandages. Roll up the bandage, hold it with your right hand, spread the bandage for about 8cm, fix the bandage head end with your left thumb at the part to be bandaged, and wrap the bandage around the part continuously with your right hand. The number of rolls depends on the need, and fix the bandage end with a twisted cloth.
(2) Spiral dressing method
Used for parts with approximately equal circumference, such as upper arms and fingers. Two coils are wrapped annularly from the far end, and then wound spirally at a 30 angle to the near end, each coil overlaps 2/3 of the previous one, and the end is fixed with adhesive tape. When the first aid lacks bandages or temporarily fixes splints, the bandages do not cover each other every week, which is called snake dressing method.
(3) Spiral reverse binding method
It is used for parts with different circumferential diameters, such as forearms, calves, thighs, etc. First, do two-week circular bandaging, then do spiral bandaging, then press the middle of the top of the tape with one thumb, and fold the tape down from this point with the other hand, covering 1/3 or 2/3 of the previous week. Each fold must be arranged neatly in a straight line, but each fold should not be at the wound and bony prominence.
(4) “8” shape dressing method
It is used to bandage and fix clavicle fracture at shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle and other joint parts. Take elbow joint as an example, wrap two volumes in the middle of the joint, wrap the bandage around the upper part of the joint first, then around the lower part of the joint through the flexion side, and then around the upper part of the joint after passing through the back side of the limb. Repeatedly, wrap the joint up and down continuously in a figure of 8, with each volume overlapping the previous one by 2/3. Finally, wrap two volumes above the joint and fix it with adhesive tape.
(5) Reverse dressing method
It is used for the top of the head, fingers and limbs, and wraps a series of left and right or back and forth, covering all the bandaged parts.

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6 Rolls X Bandage Wrap Tape