50/100/200Pcs Gun Cleaning Pellets Pistol Cleaning Kits Barrel Clean Maintenance Pads Cotton Weapon Cleaning for .22 .30 .45cal

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50/100/200Pcs Gun Cleaning Pellets Cleaning Kits Barrel Clean Maintenance Pads Cotton Weapon Cleaning for .22cal .30cal .45cal


1.【Gun Cleaning Pellet】these small quickly weapon cleaning pellets are a great way to clean the inside of your pellet rifle. superabsorbent Wool Fiber Felt pellet can quickly remove dirt, grime, and lead buildup from different caliber-sized pellet gun rifles and won't get stuck in your barrel as it wipes away grime.
2.【Universal Pellet】Fit for .17 Cal/.177 Cal/.17HMR/.17WMR/4.5mm 100 pcs and .22 Cal/.223 Cal/5.56mm 100pcs and .30 Cal/.308 30-06/.300/.303 & 7.62mm 100pcs and .38 Cal/.357 Cal/.380 Cal & 9mm 100pcs and .44 Cal/.45 Cal 100pcs
3.【How to Use】To quickly and efficiently clean your rifle, load one cleaner pellet into your chamber and fire the pellet to clean the gun. Or you can attach different cleaning pellet jags or other tool,push them through the barrel of your rifle for cleaning purposes
(if cleaning pellets are too light to be shot through spring guns, so use a rod to push them through.)


1. Item Type: gun cleaning pellets
2. Type: quickly cleaning kit
3. Material: wool fiber felt
4. Quanity: 50Pcs/100Pcs/200Pcs
5. Fit for:.17 Cal/.177 Cal/.17HMR/.17WMR/4.5mm
and .22 Cal/.223 Cal/5.56mm
and .30 Cal/.308 30-06/.300/.303 & 7.62mm
and .38 Cal/.357 Cal/.380 Cal & 9mm
and .44 Cal/.45 Cal

Package includes:

Gun Cleaning Pellets*1