4.5M Army Elastic Sport Bandage Camouflage Self Adhesive Bandage Hunting Disguise Fitness Knee Support Pads Ankle Kinesiology




Price: 0.59 - 1.02

4.5M Army Camouflage Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap Hunting Disguise Elastic Ankle Knee Finger Arm Support Athletic Sports Protector


Product specifications

S: 2.5cm*4.5m



XL: 10cm*4.5m

XXL: 15cm*4.5m

Color as shown

Function: The product is made of cotton cotton cloth, non-woven fabric,

Stretch cloth, medical skim gauze, spandex cotton fiber, stretch

Non-woven fabric and natural rubber coated with medical pressure

Sensitive adhesive or natural latex. Hunting camouflage invisible tape

Suitable for anyone working outdoors.


1. This is a weak glue, there is no glue on the surface, only

Its own stickiness and its tangles can be reused and are suitable for

For cylindrical packaging items, cut a little sticky stuff, and then stick

2. No sticky residue left when removed

3. Provide insulation for cold surfaces (useful for metal surfaces)

4. It can reduce any glare or luster of the object

5. Excellent support

6. Can be reused to protect your equipment and improve grip

7. Suitable for all equipment, including tools, flashlights, flasks,

Bright color camouflage leather

8. The elasticity ratio exceeds 2.2, good air permeability, self-adhesive,

Whole body application

9. pp film independent packaging, multiple specifications


The products are made of cotton, non-woven fabrics, stretch fabrics, medical degreased gauze,

Spandex cotton fiber, elastic non-woven fabric and natural rubber are coated with medical pressure-sensitive adhesive or natural latex.

Package Included:
1* camouflage bandage