30g Face Removal Acne Cream Pimple Spots Scar Treatment Adult Skin Care Repair

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Cleanses imperfections without irritating the skin.

Visibly reduces the redness and size of the pimples.

Visibly reduces the number of black spots.

Clarify pimples fast while helping to prevent new ones from forming.

It helps to fade the look of persistent acne scars

Absorbs quickly without feeling sticky.

Acne Treatment and Repair

Net weight: 30g     


How to use:

1. After dry skin dry cleaning

2. Take the right amount of product in direct skin blain mud

3. Two or Three Times a Day



Please do a skin allergy test before using this product, just apply a small amount of cream behind the ear or inside your forearm, if there is no reaction after 24 hours, it should be generally safe to use; if it is itchy, reddened skin, swelling, blister, or any other irritation around the test zone, please do not use.


Package Includes:

1 X Pcs Acne Treatment Cream