1PC – Fashionable LCD Straight Hair Comb, Intelligent Temperature Control Technology, LCD Display Screen, Fast Heating

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Price: 30.88 - 8.20

• Intelligent Temperature Control :This fashionable LCD straight hair comb features intelligent temperature control technology, ensuring rapid heating and even heat distribution for optimal hair care.

• LCD Display Screen :Equipped with an LCD display screen, this hair comb not only adds a tech-savvy touch to your grooming routine but also provides real-time temperature readings for precise heat control.

• Fast Heating :With its advanced heating mechanism, this hair comb heats up quickly, saving you time and ensuring efficient hair styling.

• Versatile Use :Whether you’re looking to straighten, curl, or style your hair, this versatile hair comb is your perfect companion, offering a variety of settings to suit your needs.

• Durable Construction :Originating from Mainland China, this hair comb is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.


Electric Professional Negative Ion Hair Straightening Comb LCD Display Curling Comb 2 in 1 Hair Straightener Styler Tool

Refreshing Green Awakens Your Vitality 

Perfect for spring and summer hairstyles, create a bold summer style, wake up your life with this straightening brush and make your most colorful looks sparkle!

Beautiful Straight Hair 3D Densified Teeth

① 3D Teeth – The Straightener Brush is designed with 3D teeth to straighten the appearance of hair even at the roots.

② Dense pitch – Unlike other bristle brushes, the 0.07 inch (about 0.2 cm) dense pitch increases the contact area between teeth and hair, ensuring all hairs are heated and tightly closed to the tooth surface, completely straightening your hair.

With Ionic Coating –

①The Straightening Brush features an ionic coating on the heated surface to keep hair shiny and healthy.

②During the styling process, millions of heat are released and a protective layer is formed to effectively reduce thermal damage to the hair. The extra ions deeply repair damaged hair and split ends, helping you achieve straight, frizz-free hair.

Fast heating and large area saves half time

①PTC heating technology – the hair straightener adopts PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating technology, which quickly heats up to 350°F in 20 seconds.

② 20% Increased Heating Area – Due to the larger heating area, one comb can cover more hair and heat up quickly and evenly, saving you a lot of styling time. Perfect for a busy morning and a quick make-up before going out.

Safeguards with anti-scald and self-closing

① Anti-scald – V-shaped flame retardant plastic frame protects you from all angles.

② Automatic Power Off – The comb will automatically turn off after 30 minutes to ensure the safety of you and your family.


1. Press and hold the switch for more than three seconds to turn on

2. Wait 1-3 minutes 180°-200°

3. Press the (+/-) button to adjust up and down every 5°

4. Long press the power button twice to cool down slowly

5. The temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily according to your hair quality

《1》6 major functions

(1) Negative ion hair care (2) Constant temperature does not hurt hair (3) Anti-scalding tooth comb design

(4) 31 gear temperature adjustment (5) Roll and straight dual use (6) Vegetable protein hair care

《2》31 gear temperature adjustment

(1) Each gear increases by 5°C

(2) Suitable for different hair types

(3) You can choose the right temperature to create different hairstyles

《3》30 seconds rapid heating

(1) PTC heating technology, rapid heating of ceramics

(2) Rapid temperature rise to specified temperature, and constant temperature

(3) Constant temperature does not hurt hair

《4》Negative ion hair care

(1) Tens of millions of negative ions, repair damaged hair

(2) Protect hair from dryness and frizz

《5》Intelligent power failure protection mechanism

(1) 60 minutes intelligent power off

(2) Protect your family’s safety, use more assured

《6》Ergonomic Design

(1) Ergonomically designed body, comfortable to use

(2) 360 degree rotating power cord, more convenient to use, no tangle

(3) Anti-scalding tooth comb design, safer to use