1876 1760 1761 1762 176 CP161 Plasma Electrode Nozzle Tips Fits Cebora CP161 Cuting Torch 10pcs (On selection)




Price: 36.24

More Details:

◆ Electrode Reference number : 1876 

◆ Nozzle/Tip Reference number : 1760 / 1761 / 1762 / 1763

◆ Nozzle/Tip diameter : 1.2mm(40-60A) / 1.4mm(60-100A) / 1.6mm(100-120A) / 1.8mm(120-160A)

◆ Torch Model: Cebora CP161

◆ Consumables type: Electrode and Nozzle

◆ Brand Name: Weldingstop

◆ Others: WS OEMed Plasma Cutting Torch Consumables, not original

◆ Item Package Quantity:10 pieces 

   10 pieces x Plasma Cutting Electrode or Nozzle (Free choice of electrodes or nozzles)

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