16S 60V 50A BMS Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board with Power Battery Balance Improving Protection Board

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16S 60V 50A BMS Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board with Power Battery Balance Improving Protection Board


1.Use high-quality materials, durable
2.Temperature control protection, safe and reliable
3.Lithium battery overcharge protection, over-discharge protection; Overcurrent protection, output short circuit protection
4.It can be used for 3.7V ternary battery, lithium manganate battery and lithium cobalt battery
5.Wide range of applications: electric vehicles, torsion cars, electric mopeds, scooters, inverters, etc

Model: 16S 60V/50A same-port
Applicable voltage and power: 60V<2500W
Maximum working current: 50A MAX
Maximum continuous working current: 40A MAX
Overdischarge protection voltage: 2.6V
Overcharge protection voltage: 4.25V
Charging current: 40A MAX
Equalizing charging function: optional
Temperature protection: with this function. Discharge high temperature 75 ° C; Charging low temperature – 7 ° C

Wiring steps:
(1) The acquisition flat cable is connected to each section of the battery to ensure the effective connection of the flat cable.
Ensure that the single potential at the plug end of the flat cable increases or decreases in sequence. The potential sequence is consistent with the potential sequence of the socket at the end of the protection board and the potential is one-to-one correspondence.
(2) Weld the B- lead of the protective plate to the total negative B – of the battery pack.
Ensure that the welding point is firm and reliable, with good conductivity, and the wiring position is free of potential hazards such as extrusion and friction, and the wiring is smooth and short. Avoid solder, conductive objects or leads falling into, sticking to or touching the protective plate.
(3) Connect the plug of the flat cable with the socket of the protection board.
First, complete the welding of the B- lead of the protection board to the total negative B- lead of the battery pack, and then connect the plug of the flat wire with the socket of the protection board to ensure that the plug of the flat wire and the socket of the protection board are connected in place, and no live objects or leads contact the protection board, and take fixing measures.
(4) B and c – are connected to the positive and negative poles of the charging interface respectively.
Ensure that other leads are isolated during welding to avoid short circuit.
The battery pack voltage tested at the discharge interface and charging interface is consistent with the battery pack voltage, the polarity is correct and the wiring position is correct.

Matters needing attention:
1. Please pay attention to the output power to configure the size of nickel plate;
2. Pay attention not to continuously short circuit P P – repeatedly, which will lead to circuit voltage spike and easily cause MOS tube damage;
3. Be careful not to let the protective plate touch the water, which is easy to be damaged!
4. Please pay attention to anti-static operation when welding the board!
Assembly instructions:
1. First, match the battery voltage, the difference is less than 0.1V;
2. The internal resistance of battery is matched, and the difference of internal resistance is less than 5 Ω;
3. The battery is spot-welded and the test voltage is normal:
4. Weld the plate with nickel sheet:
5. Connect the board to the lithium battery in the order of B0 B1 B2 B.

Equalization function:
The performance of the battery slowly deteriorates during use, including the increase of internal resistance, the reduction of capacity, and the leakage between poles
Increase, inconsistent external line loss, etc., resulting in inconsistent voltage of each string in the battery pack, which is actually profitable
In order to alleviate this problem, the balancing function is introduced. When charging
When a series of voltage reaches a certain voltage point, start the shunt circuit to reduce the charging current and slow down the charging speed
Degrees, wait for other strings. Thus, it has a balanced effect.

Package list:
Lithium battery protection board * 1
Temperature control line * 1