100%Natural Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask, Soft Eye Mask, Smooth Eye Mask, Sleep Aid Eye Mask, Blackout Night Use Breathable Eye Mask



Price: 16.23

100% Natural Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask Soft Blindfold Smooth Eye Mask Sleeping Aid Eyeshade Eye Cover Patch Bandage Comfor

Name: Silk eye mask
Material: front and back are mulberry silk, the center is cotton, very soft
Size: 27.6*2.4 inches 1.18 inches deep at the bridge of the nose
Slightly smaller in manual measurement, the length of the elastic band is adjustable. Wear more comfortable.

Washing instructions:
1. avoid washing with other dark-colored textiles to avoid staining.
2. Choose neutral detergent and soak for no more than 30 minutes. 3.
3. Select gentle wash in the washing machine program, avoid exposure to the sun, and choose to dry it in the shade.
4. Iron after washing before storing, preferably folded to avoid moisture and mold.